Christmas Fayre & Carols by Candlelight



will visit our

in Puncknowle & Swyre Village Hall,
from 3.00 to 5.00pm on Sunday 14th December

There will be refreshments, jams, pickles , books, chocolate, Christmas gifts, Traidcraft produce, and fun and games for all.


candlesTo be followed by a


in St Mary’s Church at 5.00pm

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Our next gathering will be on
uesday 16th December,
12.30 for 1.00pm start
for the Club’s famous

Choose either the traditional
TURKEY ROAST with all the trimmings
or a delicious NUT ROAST,
followed by either CHRISTMAS PUDDING or a TRIFLE.
If you wish, have a glass of sherry to start with, and glass of wine with your choice.
Finally, f
ill those last little spaces with a mince pie, chocolate mints, tea or coffee, and enjoy a little entertainment.

Anyone wishing to join us or those who have booked a meal and cannot make it, please telephone David Buckland on 898492 before 12th December.
New members are always welcome.  If you would like to join this popular social event and enjoy a meal please telephone the same number, and I will be pleased to explain anything about the club you wish to know.

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raises a small fund each year to be used for the benefit of residents of Puncknowle and awards from it are now available on application – either in the form of grants to individuals or to groups.
In order to indicate how such awards may be distributed, the following are just some of the uses to which the fund may be considered:-
Providing assistance to families or students towards educational needs e.g. the purchase of books, school uniforms, trips/excursions, or other items;
Giving financial support to community groups who provide social and cultural amenities in Puncknowle.
The above list is not intended to be limiting but rather to offer some ideas on how best this small fund may benefit the local community.
Any person or group can make an application for a share of these funds.  Please apply “in confidence” to the Clerk of Puncknowle Parish Council (Carolyn Buckland) - Telephone No. 01308-897726 or contact any of the Parish Councillors for further details.

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Dog walkers beware!
Neosporosis is the most frequently diagnosed cause of abortion in cattle in the UK and cattle become infected through dog poo or through other infected cattle.
Neosporosis is a disease caused by a protozoan parasite, Neospora caninum. Dogs that host the parasite very rarely show any clinical signs of disease. Dogs become disease hosts by consuming infected tissues in their food they then shed infected eggs (oocytes) through their faeces.
These oocytes can persist and survive in the environment for several months, so pasture contamination can persist until the following year. Cattle who ingest these oocysts can become infected and this can cause cattle abortion. A recent study showed one fifth of cows that experienced abortion in the UK have been infected by Neospora caninum.
Neosporosis represents a huge financial loss to farmers who at present are struggling in the current economic climate.
If your dog does a poo on grazing land (even if no cattle are grazing on it at the time), please remove and dispose of it carefully. Thank you
Bredy Veterinary Centre, Bridport.

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Bride Valley Car Service

The Bride Valley Car Service (BVCS) is being set up to take over from the existing Dorset Country Car Scheme after the withdrawal of County financial support on 30th June 2014.  The purpose of the BVCS is to provide transport for residents of villages in the Bride Valley to local surgeries and hospitals where public transport is unavailable or impracticable and where friends and family cannot help.
It will have a pool of volunteer drivers (including all the drivers in the existing scheme) but more would be welcome from West Bexington, Swyre and Puncknowle .  Drivers must have a valid full driving licence, and their motor insurance must explicitly cover them for volunteer driving on a not-for-profit basis.  Their cars must be taxed and have a valid MoT.  Drivers must be willing to undergo Disclosure & Barring Service (previously CRB) checks.  Drivers will be able to claim 45p per mile (the normal maximum allowed by HMRC) for all miles (including ‘empty’ positioning mileage) undertaken on behalf of the BVCS, plus any related expenses such as parking charges.
Users of the service will pay a £2 fixed charge plus 50p per mile for each mile that they are carried.

Potential volunteer drivers are asked to contact one of the following:
BVCS Chair:               Diana Cheater  01308 482223    
BVCS Administrator:Virginia McShane  01308 425591

People wishing to use the BVCS (or the existing scheme before 30th June) should contact the Administrator as shown above.

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The new 100 Club year starts from 1st May.
Renewal reminders have been sent to all current members, but if you are not a member and would like to join please let me know, (or download the application form here).
Ann Dillon, 6 Green Barton, Swyre.
Telephone 898014

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