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There is a vacancy on the Parish Council for the Puncknowle Ward.  If you are interested or want further details – please contact the Clerk to the Council (Carolyn Buckland) on
01308 897726
email Puncknowle@dorsetparishes.gov.uk



 for West Bexington, Swyre & Puncknowle

Many of you will have received an email recently which included the text of a message received from Dorset’s Superfast Broadband project.  It is clear that, contrary to all previous expectations, our three villages are not to be included in this phase of the project! This means that for the foreseeable future what broadband service we have, is all we are going to get.

I am a superfast broadband champion working with DCC, and I’m trying to turn this decision around by asking for your support.  I’m not sure of the route we take but everyone I’ve spoken to seems to think that a group action is best. I’ve also looked at the successful Marshwood Vale bid who received extra funding for hard-to-reach areas.
It seems we should in the first instance make a list of all the businesses affected along with the disruption to families, individuals students etc and demonstrate strong local demand for a better service than that currently being delivered.
If you run a business, work from home or have educational needs or rely on the internet for other purposes, please get in touch with your comments and needs - and please make sure you include your contact details so I can keep you informed as to progress.
Steve Green
5 Green Barton, Swyre01308 898202