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National pothole dayNational Pothole Day

It probably escaped most people’s notice, but 15th January was the UK’s first ever National Pothole Day.

The awareness day was promoted by one of the websites that run a reporting application, but Dorset County Council is encouraging residents to report potholes and defects directly, so why not get on and report any road issues including potholes, overgrown hedges, broken street lights, blocked drains or call 01305 221020 (and remember to let your Parish Council know what you have reported,
Puncknowle@dorsetparishes.gov.uk  or   telephone 01308 897726).


cartoon_owl_sitting_on_a_book_TFOR THOSE WHO LIKE A GOOD READ ….
Why not take time to catch up with your favourite books and browse the County Library Service’s  24/7 service?
Or s
ee  opening hours for details of when your local library will be open.

And don’t forgot that the Mobile Library makes fortnightly visits to all three villages. 

For those who find it difficult to get to a library, or to get to where the Mobile Library stops, you can try the Home Library Service


Why not discover Dorset’s countryside on foot this season?
We are lucky in Dorset to have stunning countryside with almost 3,000 miles of public rights of way to explore.
Walking is a great way to see the varied landscape of Dorset, from countryside vistas to towns, villages and coastal paths.
There are many short and long distance walking routes in Dorset’s countryside to explore.